Recent Before & After Photos

Another Chicago Kitchen Fire

The scorched kitchen shows significant fire damage to a Chicago home. When a grease fire is splashed with water, rather than a type C fire extinguisher, the hom... READ MORE

Chicago Bathroom with a Leak and Mold Problems

The Chicago home leaked from the drainage system from the bathtub on the second floor. The trickle allowed moisture to accumulate and offer a damp and dark perf... READ MORE

Water Damage – Bucktown Garage Ceiling

Water damage in this Bucktown garage was caused by the water heater. SERVPRO of West Loop-Bucktown-Greektown was called in quickly by the homeowner allowing us ... READ MORE

Chicago Mold Damage from Roof Leak

Mold damage in this Chicago garage was caused by a persistent slow leak of water behind the drywall in this garage. The homeowner noticed the water damage to th... READ MORE

Basement Mold Damage Chicago

This Chicago basement had mold damage under the baseboards and behind the drywall from moisture that had collected and remained damp. Mold could result in damag... READ MORE

Chicago Water Damage a Result of Faulty Plumbing

Water damage to this Chicago home resulted from a failed copper pipe joint that allowed water to come through the ceiling. The source of the water damage in the... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Chicago Kitchen

Fire Damage occurred from a grease fire in this Chicago kitchen. SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown handled this project from beginning to a happy ending. ... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Chicago

This Chicago home had water damaged carpeting which required cleaning and drying. We routinely provide carpet cleaning using commercial equipment. We restored t... READ MORE

Basement Required Chicago Mold Damage Remediation

Mold damage in this Chicago basement had grown on and behind the baseboards and the wallboard. Mold damage in homes is unsightly, smells bad, and there are mold... READ MORE

Chicago Flood Damage – Extraction & Drying

Flood damage to this Chicago commercial facility required that the building be shut down. The occupants were anxious for a thorough and speedy resolution. Thi... READ MORE