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Get The Assistance You Deserve When Dealing With Fire Damage In Your Chicago Area Home

5/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Get The Assistance You Deserve When Dealing With Fire Damage In Your Chicago Area Home Fire and smoke residues cover every item caught within the affected area.

Fire Damage In Your Home

You never wanted to have to deal with fire damage on your property, but accidents happen, and here you are. Several friends and co-workers give you unsolicited advice about how to handle your situation, each with ideas about what is important and whom you should contact for help.

When deciding on a fire damage restoration company in the Chicago area, consider someone who can deliver far more than essential services. You need a company that handles fire, water, storm, and mold issues on a daily basis, but you should also look for someone who wants to be there for you.

You want someone who can address each one of your concerns individually, tailoring their restoration process to fit your unique situation and provide you with services needed to get things back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, the entire restoration process should also be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, that company is SERVPRO.

If you want someone who has 24-hour emergency service, who responds to your request for help promptly and can provide you with useful tips to help prevent future events, call SERVPRO. We understand how devastating this type of incident can be and provide you with the caring expert solutions necessary to help guide you through the restoration process.

Think about it, a fire happening on your property involves drying the entire area, cleaning carpets, giving individual attention to each item to remove fire and smoke damage, cleaning and deodorization methods, water removal, as well as possible microbial remediation. Do you want to leave your home in the hands of someone inexperienced in any of these methods? No, you want to get the best help possible and get things back to normal as soon as possible. Never hesitate to call, waiting only makes things worse.

Fire and smoke residues cover every item caught within the affected area. Making it essential for professional restoration technicians to fully inspect each item individually, giving each of your belongings the attention they deserve to determine whether they are restorable or not. SERVPRO’s professional technicians utilize IICRC standards and best practices in water, fire, mold, carpet, and cleaning during your restoration process to help return your property to a quality pre-damage condition you can enjoy.

Make the call to SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown to receive the help you deserve. Our staff eagerly awaits your call (773) 434-9100.

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When The Roof On Your Chicago Area Home Fails And Causes Water Damage In Your Home

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage When The Roof On Your Chicago Area Home Fails And Causes Water Damage In Your Home SERVPRO TIp--Roof Repairs Prevent Water Damage to Chicago Properties

SERVPRO Offers Restoration and Repairs to Your Water Damaged Property

Do you find yourself constantly flipping channels to view hourly weather status updates? Have regular stations for drip bucket deployment in your home? Whether your roofing is two years old or twenty, a single leak can cause catastrophic damage to your property.  
To make it clear, we would like to help you prevent these types of incidents. There is no longer any reason for you to live with water damage in your Chicago area home. We cover everything from quick, simple repairs, to major remodels and renovations. Our restoration process makes damages disappear, “Like it never even happened.”
Roof Flashing -
Roof flashing consists of thin metal plates that get installed on joints under the shingles of your roof. Combined with a rubberized coating flashing helps create a water-resistant barrier, protecting the rest of your home from exposure to outdoor elements. Over time, this coating dries and cracks, giving various elements access to unprotected areas of your home.  
SERVPRO can send professional technicians in to locate the source of the leak, remove and replace old flashing if not too extensive, re-coat the area with roofing sealant and help return things to normal quickly. Roof Valley cracks are also common; our inspection catches these defects as well.
Broken Shingles -
As you examine the exterior layer of your roof, identify any cracked, discolored, or missing shingles. A single missing shingle may not be much of a problem. However, after inclement weather causes violent winds and torrential rainfall to scatter shingles throughout your yard, you may want to consider having someone out to perform an inspection. In the cold season, ice damming can also lead to interior and exterior water damage to your property.
SERVPRO technicians easily repair obvious issues, using a variety of moisture detectors, water extractors, and water removal methods to eliminate the problems plaguing your home. The sooner you call, the more likely you receive the results you are looking for, limited damage and exposure.
Roof Vent Issues -
Your roof may also contain pipe vents, which are used to expel excess moisture from various areas of your home. When the booting used to seal the area around the piping cracks, the excess moisture causes dark spots, musty odors, and possible mold contamination in your roof framing, or attic area.
All of these issues can result in major damage to the structure and indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home. Making it necessary to contact SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown as soon as possible to assist with correcting the issues you face. Call Today. (773) 434-9100

The Industrial Equipment SERVPRO Uses To Obliterate Residential Water Damage In Chicago

4/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Industrial Equipment SERVPRO Uses To Obliterate Residential Water Damage In Chicago There's a reason why SERVPRO brings its heaviest equipment to these jobs: they require the fast, firm capabilities of industrial machinery.

Equipment Used In The Water Damage Restoration Process

Removing all traces of water after a flood is a nightmare for most homeowners. Water soaks into everything in a home, from tile grout to wood paneling, creating an impossible scenario for people armed only with household cleaning products. There's a reason why SERVPRO brings its heaviest equipment to these jobs: they require the fast, firm capabilities of industrial machinery. Otherwise, water may remain on surfaces, in materials, and suspended in the air until proper cleanup can be done or the structure sustains severe damage. These are examples of a few super-heavy machines we use to remove water after a flood.

Extractors are the first key to Chicago water removal projects. These heavy pumps are what most people think of when they think 'industrial water removal' - they remove high volumes of water from the structure in as little time as possible. Getting these machines in help to prevent water from seeping deeper into the foundation and stop mold from growing.

Clothes Dryers
We have access to an array of super-heavy-duty clothing washers and dryers to get any clothing or smaller fabrics clean as soon as possible. An often overlooked part of the water removal process, clothing can be permanently destroyed if it is not cleaned quickly. With our machines, anything that doesn't require a dry clean typically gets cleaned within hours.

Air Movers
Along with extractors, these machines are the second key to removing water from the structure. SERVPRO trains every technician extensively in the proper setup and arrangement of air movers, so be careful not to move them from their original spots! These machines create powerful, directed air currents to whisk away moisture from surfaces and porous materials.

Moisture Detectors
Sometimes the little things count the most. Before, during, and after the main set of water removal tasks are completed, our inspectors carefully examine your home with high-tech moisture detectors to find the last vestiges of water and mold in your home. As a result, we can easily peer behind walls and under floors to find the fullest extent of water damage in the home.

We at SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown bring our heaviest gear to every water removal job to make sure it is completed right, the first time. Call us 24/7 at (773) 434-9100.

How SERVPRO Assesses Clean Up After Fire Damage To Your Chicago Home

3/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How SERVPRO Assesses Clean Up After Fire Damage To Your Chicago Home The Results of Flames and Heat Have Varying Effects Upon a House in Chicago

Damage to Your Chicago House or Apartment by Fire Has Many Degrees of Harm

Fire damage can happen more easily than most people realize. An unattended candle, hot oil or a faulty appliance are all potential causes of a house fire. Facing the aftermath of a fire can be emotionally draining and upsetting. Cleaning and restoring your home is a vital part of getting back to normal life after a fire. SERVPRO is on hand to help clean up your property.

One of the biggest challenges after fire damage to your Chicago home is deciding how and what to clean. Some items cannot be cleaned and need to be discarded. Others can be cleaned and restored - “Like it never even happened.”
We train our IICRC-certified technicians to assess the cleanability of your home and belongings thoroughly. Some of the factors which affect how easily your home can be cleaned include:
Type Of Surface
Porous surfaces are harder to clean because soot particles penetrate deeper into them. Non-porous surfaces such as vinyl or enamel based paints are easier to clean.
Synthetic materials leave behind residue when they burn. Burning rubber or plastic create a more challenging cleanup task. Soot should not be confused with smoke particles. Natural materials such as wood do not leave the same residue and are easier to clean up. The heat and fuel dictate if an organically burned element is dry smoke (powdery) or a wet smoke.
Air Pressure
The greater the air pressure, the harder it is to clean up after a fire. As air pressure, because of the intense heat of the fire, increases the air expands and pushes soot particles into nooks and crannies.
Heat Levels
The hotter the temperature, the more the potential damage; this includes cracking, bubbling or melting of surfaces, and more soot being pushed into materials. The hotter the fire, the more difficult the cleanup job afterward.
Age Of Surfaces
Older surfaces are generally more difficult to clean. This is because they have more wear and tear which makes them less resistant to damage or dirt.
Moisture Presence
Moisture in the air sets residues and makes them harder to clean up. This happens in situations where a fire hose is used during the firefighting effort or sprinklers were activated.
Our trained SERVPRO technicians have the skills and equipment to evaluate the damage to your home and belongings. Assessing each surface and item helps us build a thorough picture of the extent of the damage. From there we put together a plan of which cleaning techniques should work best. Not everything can be saved after a fire, but our aim is to salvage whatever is possible so you can get back to your normal life.
Call SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown at (773) 434-9100 today. Our teams are ready to assess your home.

Removing Lingering Odors After Fire Damage To Your Chicago Home

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Removing Lingering Odors After Fire Damage To Your Chicago Home Smoke Odor Removal is Part of the Fire Damage Cleanup Service in Chicago

SERVPRO's Methodology and Equipment Restore Smoke Damaged Properties

When a fire occurs, the most vital thing is to get it under control. After this crucial factor has been achieved, the next stage is to restore your home and belongings to their pre-fire condition. However, even after the initial clean up has been completed, the smell of the fire can linger. Many homeowners find that even after all charred and damaged items are removed, and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned there is still a smoky smell in the air.
If you can still smell a burned or charred scent after fire damage to your Chicago home, further work may be needed to deodorize your house. SERVPRO technicians are trained to deal with lingering fire odors swiftly and efficiently. Our professionally trained and certified IICRC teams have the skill and equipment needed to deodorize your house and leave it smelling fresh once more –"Like it never even happened."
We train our IICRC certified technicians to assess what is causing lingering odors after a fire. Confined areas, attics, rafters, and the insulation in your home are all especially susceptible to odor entrapment after a fire has occurred. Each area needs to be treated carefully to ensure the odor is removed.
SERVPRO does arrive at your home equipped with deodorizing equipment. The first step is to assess what is causing the smell to linger. The next step is to tackle the smell at its source. We thoroughly vent the problem area, and clean surfaces to help scrub away the source of the smell. For some spaces, an odor counteractant can be used to clean away those odors. In some cases, placement of an activated charcoal unit overnight can absorb the smell. IF the home is vacant of the residents, live plants, and pets, we can set up ozone machines which chemically capture smoke particulates in the air. This process is typically used during the initial phases of fire and smoke cleanup. Hydroxyl generators are also very useful in purging the ambient air of unwanted particles, thus mitigating, and finally, eliminating the smoke odors.
If cleaning and ventilation do not succeed in tackling stubborn smoke smells after a fire, our technicians are equipped with thermal fog equipment. Thermal fogging equipment mimics the heat and pressure of the fire in a safe manner. Materials that picked up the smell of smoke from the fire now pick up the deodorization droplets from thermal fogging in the same manner. Thermal fogging is one of the most effective ways to tackle lingering odors after a fire.
Let SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greek Town remove lingering smoke odors after a fire. Call us at (773) 434-9100 today for assistance.

SERVPRO Flood Damage Bucktown

2/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Flood Damage Bucktown Trust SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown to restore your flood damage!

SERVPRO Bucktown Flood Damage 

Floodwaters in our area usually come from storms and when the North Branch of the Chicago River overflows its banks. It has been more common this winter because of the incredible rains we have had so far.

Flood damage to Bucktown homes is never a routine issue for residents, regardless of the source. Water not removed quickly enough damages walls in just a day or two which now must be demolished and replaced. SERVPRO has the trained personnel and the equipment needed to restore your home to its pre-flooded state.

Drywall is particularly vulnerable to absorbing water and begins crumbling right off of the wall frame or in the hands or a restoration crew, regardless of how careful they are with each panel. If removed successfully, the drying procedure still takes five to seven days before a single panel is safely re-hung in your home. This extended drying time costs almost as much as new panels.

Double layers of drywall require ten days to two weeks to completely dry out. These panels are not as common and are used to provide additional soundproofing where needed. Double layer drywall costs more obviously, but if a homeowner can wait, it is still cheaper than buying new panels.

However, if an insurance company is paying for alternate housing while we work to restore your home, the additional cost of new panels may be cheaper than an extended stay in a hotel or motel; especially for a large family. Our managers have extensive experience with the major insurance companies and do their best to keep you and your insurer happy with the process.

If an inspection shows the panels are not too soaked from the flood damage, there is the option of drying in-place. Our technicians use commercial air movers and specialized heaters to dry the panels and the air behind them The process is monitored from start to finish using a penetrating moisture tester. In-place drying is the only option available if a homeowner wants to save panels covered with wallpaper.


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There may be some rain later this week, but the temperatures stay above freezing till the weekend. It is the perfect time to call SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown to look at previous flood damage or to ask for an inspection and try to get ahead of the next foul weather. Contact us today at (773) 434-9100.

Flood Damage Services Offered To Chicago Homeowners

2/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Services Offered To Chicago Homeowners In some cases, the standing water in your home exceeds two inches in depth, making submersible pumps necessary to remove water in larger volumes.

SERVPRO Offers Flood Damage Services to Homeowners in Chicago

Flooding issues can become a major problem in areas like your kitchen, bathroom, or basement that contain a constant water source, causing significant problems if not maintained correctly.

Whether it is the result of a broken pipe, faulty fixtures, or improper drainage, flood damage can endanger your Chicago home and create some serious health risks for you and your family.

SERVPRO technicians are flood damage restoration experts who come prepared to perform quick, efficient services, returning your home to a quality preloss condition with limited interruptions to your daily routine.

We offer 24-7 emergency services, providing customers with immediate attention and solutions that meet their schedule. We work quickly to help avoid additional losses from occurring and fast-growing fungus from thriving on your property.

SERVPRO has access to water extraction equipment of all sizes, from hand-held extractors that have a 5 to 12-gallon waste tank to truck mounted extractors with 60 to 100-gallon containers.

In some cases, the standing water in your home exceeds two inches in depth, making submersible pumps necessary to remove water in larger volumes. Our technicians have the right tools available to address your situation.

All of the water exposure causes problems with vulnerable items like photographs, paperwork, electronics, or expensive belongings that other companies may give up on saving.

SERVPRO technicians have experience in cleaning and restoring many damaged items and materials, delivering the appropriate antimicrobial, antibacterial, or disinfectant treatments necessary to eliminate potential health risks that may exist.

If you are concerned about unpleasant odors that develop along the way, we offer services that involve the use of air scrubbers and fogging equipment that help remove even the most persistent odors caused by flooding.

Air scrubbers are a portable HEPA filtration system that uses filters to draw air in from the surrounding area, removing various particles, gasses, and chemical substances from the air within the affected areas of your home.

SERVPRO also safely disposes of materials and items that are beyond restoration and help with the repairs needed to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition that you and your family can enjoy.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of West Loop - Bucktown - Greektown today to learn more about the high-quality flood damage restoration services available in your area. (773) 434-9100

Basics You Should Know When Dealing With Mold Damage In Your Chicago Business

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Basics You Should Know When Dealing With Mold Damage In Your Chicago Business Fungi in Petri Dishes, Call SERVPRO for Mold at Your Place of Business in Chicago

For Your Work Place, Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Infestations

You discover a small patch of mold growing in the storeroom of your bar and make the decision to contact a remediation company before things get out of control. If any mold makes its way into your serving area, it could begin affecting your customers.

When facing a mold damage situation in your Chicago business, it benefits you to seek help. By the time you can see even the smallest amount of mold in your building, the problem that exists could be far larger than you think.
An employee brings a box of cocktail straws from the storeroom into your serving area, brushing their shoe against the wall on the way out. Spores hitch a ride, contaminating the rest of your building and you do not even know it yet. This simple everyday activity could start a chain reaction that affects your entire building.
The mold itself begins life as a tiny spore, which functions as a seed. This seed is quite smaller and simpler than any seeds you may currently be familiar with, such as an apple seed. Smaller than a pinhead, thousands of these seeds can float through even the gentlest breezes when the mass containing them is disturbed. These spores do occur naturally and are ubiquitous in every environment.
SERVPRO technicians have experienced instances where airflow alone carries spores from area to area until they eventually settle on a surface. These spores may lie dormant for long periods, waiting for the right conditions to exist for growth to occur. Moisture on any surface, such as areas under your bar, floor mats, bar stools, or even behind the jukebox can cause these spores to absorb water, beginning their growth process.
SERVPRO technicians have found that the best environment for mold growth includes temperatures between 68 and 86 degrees. However, even poor conditions fail to stop some types of mold. Some adapt to colder temperatures as low as 32 degrees, while others can thrive in temperatures up to 122 degrees.
According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), there is no such thing as an acceptable amount or type of mold. When you discover that mold exists on your property, possible health risks exist that could affect your employees, patrons, and products.
You should seek professional assistance from a company like SERVPRO to remediate the situation and get things under control immediately. The type of mold infecting your structure does not matter; the fact that it is present is all you need to consider.
For additional information that can help save your business and protect your customers, contact SERVPRO of West Loop - Bucktown - Greektown today, we can help. (773) 434-9100

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Bucktown Bathroom

2/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Preventing Mold Growth in Your Bucktown Bathroom Mold Growth is Facilitated with Excess Moisture in Your Bucktown bathroom

SERVPRO Tips for Bucktown Residents to Thwart Mold Infestations

The growth of mold can ruin the safety and comfort of your home. Out of all the rooms in your house, your bathroom can be the primary area where you find this dangerous fungus growing. Instead of letting mold take root in your home, you could think about remodeling this room to make it a place that is less inviting for fungus. The tips below are essential for maintaining a clean, safe, and mold-free bathroom.
If your home does suffer from mold damage, you need to get it checked out right away by a professional remediation company. Mold can spread quickly throughout your Bucktown home, and SERVPRO can be there fast to assess the damage and repair them for you. Our specially trained technicians have the industry leading equipment, including scoping devices to find any hidden mold.
Increasing Air Flow
If your bathroom has poor air flow, you are inviting mold to take root in the walls, plumbing, and flooring. If there is no ventilation system in your bathroom currently, you need to install one right away to increase circulation and keep the area dry. After you or a family member takes a shower, this is of particular importance. You can also circulate the air and assist your bathroom in keeping dry by adding screens to the window or putting in a ceiling fan.
Upgrading the Plumbing
Many homeowners use plastic or vinyl plumbing fixtures since they are inexpensive. Plastic and vinyl pipes and plumbing parts, however, many times break, crack, warp, and leak very easily, which causes water to pool along floorboards and under cabinets. Water damage like this could easily create mold growth in your bathroom. Instead of dealing with leaking drains, pipes, and such, you can stop the growth of mold in the first place by investing in fixtures which are constructed of polished brass or metal.
Carpeting can conceal mold growth. As you get out of the shower and step onto a carpeted floor, the water drips off you and the shower curtain or door, soaking through the carpeting and matting, and into the sub-flooring. Mold can start growing over time, which makes your bathroom dangerous and toxic. You can stop water from soaking through your flooring by taking the carpet out and laying ceramic or tile down instead. These materials resist the absorption of water and mold growth. If you find mold when you remove the carpeting, call SERVPRO right away so we can look at the damage for you and correct the problem.
Paint, not Wallpaper
Wallpaper, like carpeting, can hide mold. Wallpaper is porous, letting humidity and water soak through the paper onto the wall under it. Instead of letting mold take root behind your wallpaper, you can stop this threat by painting your walls. Painted walls do not absorb water and humidity like wallpaper, lowering the chance that mold forms behind the surface of your wall.
Keeping mold out of your bathroom is essential for the health of you and your family. If you still wind up with a mold problem, talk with us at SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown. We are always available to take your call at (773) 434-9100.

Even Minor Storm Damage can Affect Your Home for Months in West Loop if Left Unrepaired

2/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Even Minor Storm Damage can Affect Your Home for Months in West Loop if Left Unrepaired Because we are SERVPRO, we have extensive training in all aspects of storm damage repairs and restorations.

Storm Damage Getting the Best of Your West Loop Home?

Sometimes, a storm may not seem very powerful. Weaker storms can be deceiving, making you feel that there is little possibility of storm damage. Storm damage does not always mean that a tree has fallen down on your home, crushing the roof. Storm damage can be as minor as a few shingles that have blown off or twisted hinges on a screen door. Both of these situations, and others, require repairs. Left alone, they can be sources of additional damage. Preventing those situations from escalating can also prevent increasingly higher repair bills from becoming a reality for you.

West Loop area homeowners who do not repair minor storm damage often find themselves coping with even more damage that can be extremely extensive and expensive. We can help you avoid these additional problems. There is no reason to procrastinate on having repairs made, but there are many reasons to have restorative work done as soon as possible.

Because we are SERVPRO, we have extensive training in all aspects of repairs and restorations. We have completed many differently sized jobs over the years, and we can successfully handle any size disaster, including the one you are facing. Our certifications cover the many different cleaning and restorative types of work that storm damage can cause.

Having the training and certifications required to repair your home's siding, shingles and other components of your roof, gutters, windows and frames, screen doors, and much more shows we are ready to restore your home to its previous beautiful condition. When storm damage happens, these repairs are necessary to prevent additional damage from affecting your home. Repairs provide protection for your home and the contents inside.

If shingles have been torn off, or siding was peeled away, water and insect pests can enter at the first opportunity. Larger openings in your roof can permit rodents and birds to come in and make their homes in your attic space. Some rodents are more damaging than others and won't stay in the attic but will find their way into other areas of your home. If windows are damaged, this can put your home at increased risk for burglaries.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

To protect your home from unwanted visitors and rainwater that can cause substantial damage in the future, call SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown at (773) 434-9100 We can repair any damage caused by the latest storm, making sure that your home is as secure as it should be.