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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

When A Disaster Strikes Your Chicago Property, You Need To Call The Crew At SERVPRO!

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (773) 434-9100 to level the playing field when water, fire, mold, or storms seem to have the upper hand.

Good Management And Great Customer Service: Why SERVPRO Stands Out For Disaster Recovery In Chicago

The restoration team from our family-owned and operated disaster recovery business is honored to assist with your Chicago water, fire, mold, or storm disaster. We bring the integrity, training, experience, and cutting-edge equipment necessary to restore your home fast and with compassion and adherence to the highest quality standards. Our communications with all customers are open and transparent, and we are committed to providing clear documentation for your insurance claims to limit the financial stress of your project.

Water Damage
When the toilet overflows or the washing machine spews soapy and dirty water across the floor, you need help with the water cleanup in Chicago. Our team of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained water removal specialist arrive as soon as possible after your call, ready to assist with the management of contaminated water damage in your home. Our employees are well-versed in the different categories of water and how to rid your home of them safely.

If water with urine or fecal matter invades your bathroom, you face the possibility of your family and friends coming in contact with dangerous pathogens. The crew we send knows how to contain and remove the overflow, disposing of fluids per local regulation. We use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered cleaners and antimicrobials to remove soiling and disinfect the space. Because the moisture and its contaminants can percolate through grout lines, we check for trapped water with thermal imaging and use moisture meters to ensure we extract all the offending liquid and apply the disinfectant as appropriate.

A toilet water overflow can rate as black or Category 3 water, but there are still concerns with the gray or Category 2 water your laundry appliance sends into a utility room or basement. The organic compounds in soap and dirty laundry provide nourishment for microbial infestations like mold and mildew. Our familiarity with categorizing and safely eliminating contaminated water is why SERVPRO has your back after a household appliance or fixture emergency.

Fire Damage
Chicago soot and smoke cleanup for both your home and its contents are only a phone call away. Our IICRC-trained Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) are prepared for every aspect of mitigating and remediating the aftermath of a blaze in your house. We handle everything from removal of the firefighting water to cleaning of sooty residues to odor elimination. We also help arrange for any rebuilding or repairs needed after the fire damage cleanup.

Even a seemingly minor fire can spread soot and smoke throughout all the spaces of your home. If the HVAC system was engaged and operating at the time of the fire and its extinguishing, residues might have been vented into other living and storage areas far from the actual site of the fire. Our experience and training support us as we inspect every room inside your home, looking for evidence of damage. An untrained eye might not see the signs, exposing structures to progressive harm from corrosive fire residues, which is why SERVPRO’s assessment is vital.

The odors left by a fire can be particularly unpleasant and long-lasting. Our resources include technological advances in odor-fighting, including thermal foggers, hydroxyl generators, and other equipment. Strategies that work involve attaching the odor-bearing particles of soot at the molecular level, changing the chemical composition of the soot to neutralize not just cover up the stench.

Mold Remediation
Whenever we assess a home for water, fire, storm or other damage, our crews are vigilant to inspect for mold damage in Chicago. Anytime water intrudes into a home mold growth is likely, especially if any areas remain damp for more than 24 to 48 hours. Mold spores are always on-site, but they are cause for little concern unless they begin growth after they encounter moisture. When growing, they can eat into organic building materials and irritate susceptible individuals.

Hidden mold growth is not uncommon in attics along the roofline after a harsh winter. Ice dams that built up in the midwestern winter can allow water to seep into your upper levels during the thawing and freezing cycles. The colonies eventually move into living areas or at least share their unpleasant smell, so we come looking. Our remediation team can contain, remove, and disinfect the moldy areas without exposing the rest of your home to mold debris drift.

After the mold remediation, other members of the team can help arrange for roof repairs and inspection of the gutters and downspouts that might contribute to the development of ice dams. Our full-service restoration focus is why SERVPRO is the company to rely upon when mold remediation becomes needed. We can take care of the effect and the cause throughout the same project.

Storm Damage
The Chicago area is no stranger to severe weather every month of the year. Residents are aware of the possibility of tornadoes and torrential rains during the summer and heavy accumulations of snow, sleet, and ice during the colder months. Straight-line winds can be strong enough to tip semi-trailer trucks, winds gusting over 50 miles per hour coming across the flat landscape west of the metropolitan communities on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Homes in Chicago can experience storm damage that looks very different depending on the season. Spring and summer rain amounts have been recorded here that exceed an inch and a half an hour, resulting in flash flooding and seepage of significant amounts of water into the lower levels of area homes. Some areas of the city struggle with antiquated sanitary sewer systems that drain poorly with the added load, causing a backup of human waste into basements. Reliable, professional removal, containment, and disposal of contaminated flood water are why SERVPRO is your storm damage remediation choice.

The Windy City lives up to its title during snowstorms, roofs and other parts of home exteriors vulnerable to harm from the crushing of blowing snow or falling trees that allow water to force itself inside, an even more disturbing pattern as ice dams grow in damaged gutters. When you call for help because of winter snow damage we board up and tarp areas open to the elements and attend to water damage inside. Fast response is needed no matter the temperature as mold growth can occur even when the daily highs are frigid.

SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown is up to the challenges posed by the change of seasons and disasters that follow their own timetables. Call us at (773) 434-9100 to level the playing field when water, fire, mold, or storms seem to have the upper hand.


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