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Restoring Fire Damaged Items in Your Chicago Home

7/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring Fire Damaged Items in Your Chicago Home Rather severe or slight, SERVPRO will help you.

Let us get you back to the basics.

If your home experiences a fire damage incident, then the cabinets are part of the structures that are likely to experience some damage. No matter how small the fire is, efficient measures need to be taken to restore your property and prevent further deterioration. Usually, smoke travels around the building and can affect walls, furniture, ceilings, and other items that are far away from the point of combustion. We are going to look at some of the procedures we use to reface your Chicago home. 

The seriousness of the fire determines whether the fire damage outcomes in your Chicago home are severe or slight. There are instances where our SERVPRO technicians reface the cabinets by removing their exterior doors, removing the smoke damaged finishing, and make the needed repairs such as refinishing and repainting. However, replacing the cabinet’s is the best option when there is significant smoke permeation. 

When it is necessary to clean the cabinets, we have to choose a method that suits finished or unfinished surfaces. Most cabinet interiors are made of unfinished wood, so, our SERVPRO technicians may use a dry cleaning sponge to remove the residues. In some instances, we use the sanding technique to remove any remaining residues. 

Another challenging location that our SERVPRO technicians need to clean during the restoration process is the attic’s. They are hard to clean since they are porous, comprised of unfinished wood, and their shapes are irregular. If you had stored some contents in the attic, we need to first remove them before the cleaning can take place. Whenever we come across unexposed structure timber, we use a deodorizing pre-sealer or a duct sealer to do the sealing. 

Smoke may also change the appearance of your home's insulation. Our SERVPRO technicians usually replace the insulation as opposed to cleaning it. In some cases, we may remove and replace the top layer of the insulation when the lower section is free of smoke damage. 

SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown follows the regulations of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) when attending to commercial and residential properties. Call (773) 434-9100 to learn more about the restoration and cleaning services that our experienced technicians offer. 

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Our Water Damage Professionals Will Save Your Chicago Pizzeria

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Water Damage Professionals Will Save Your Chicago Pizzeria Give us a call anytime disasters strike at (773) 434-9100.

Restoration For Water Damaged Chicago Pizzerias

Water loss incidents can occur from multiple sources, and when you have a busy Chicago pizzeria to manage, you might not stay fixated on all of these potential problems. From plumbing breaches to fixture breaks like the supply line for the toilet in the customer bathroom, loss incidents can quickly get out of control if you do not seek out the professional assistance and expertise of qualified technicians. We have a full roster of restoration specialists accredited through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both Water Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD.)

With our extensive experience with water loss recovery, we can quickly identify the severity of water damage to Chicago pizzerias like yours and establish a plan of action to address each of these concerns specifically. As challenging as it might be to keep your business open with widespread water loss effects, we can work with business owners like you to establish containment strategies that can keep you serving hungry customers despite the recovery efforts taking place within the establishment.

As this is a location affiliated with the food and beverage industry, it is even more critical to avoid costly and reputation-damaging scenarios like mold and microbial growth. Persistent moisture and dampness can facilitate the colonization of mold organisms from naturally occurring spores in the environment. As part of our containment and mitigation solutions, our SERVPRO team can set up air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to begin filtering out mold spores and other potential contaminants, debris, and dust from the environment.

We have multiple rapid drying solutions, and with hundreds of drying units in our inventory, we can handle even large loss situations with ease. Our SERVPRO professionals can identify the full spread of moisture and dampness and set up these drying units to maximize their effectiveness.

Our SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown team knows that closing your doors can be even more damaging to your business than any disaster, so we can work with property management to keep your business running through restoration when possible. Give us a call anytime disasters strike at (773) 434-9100.

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Summer Storms Can Spell Big Trouble For Your Chicago Home

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Summer Storms Can Spell Big Trouble For Your Chicago Home SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown is prepared to respond 24 hours a day to your request for flood damage assessment and remediation.

Summer Storms Bring Flood Damage To Chicago Residents

North Central Illinois to Lake Michigan can be a corridor for severe summer storms. Every time the skies lower and darken,  your home risks the devastation that tornadoes or straight-line winds and heavy rains can inflict on the Chicago area. Overtaxed sewer systems in some areas of the city also contribute to the possibility that your basement might soon be swimming in rain runoff. We are up to the challenge of remediating your flooding woes.

Flood damage in the greater Chicago area needs fast and professional attention. The combined load of overland and street flooding experienced from heavy rains plus the additional water pouring through holes into a wind-damaged home send significant quantities of water rising in the living, utility, and storage areas below your first floor. Our trained technicians offer customers well-honed skills in everything from tarping and boarding up exterior damage to water removal and drying to cleaning and disinfection of flood-affected areas.

SERVPRO crews arrive with all equipment needed for flood damage remediation packed into our signature green trucks. As our crew leader assesses the damage, members of the team begin securing any breaches in your roof, windows, or siding. Once the project plan finalizes, our crew immediately gets to work removing water, employing high-efficiency submersible pumps and extractors to evacuate the majority of the flooding. Since storms often cause electrical outages, SERVPRO ensures access to alternative power sources to avoid delays in our response. Our gas powered pumps and truck mounted extractors can operate using onboard fuels and generators we transport to your site.

Flood water contains contaminants including human waste from sewage backup, chemicals from roadways and the surrounding landscape, and decaying organic matter such as deceased animals. The levels of contamination require us to treat flood water as hazardous waste and SERVPRO follows local requirements by containing and properly disposing of the tainted fluids.

SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown is prepared to respond 24 hours a day to your request for flood damage assessment and remediation. Call us at (773) 434-9100 to arrange for a consultation as soon as possible after the storm.

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Water in the Cellar? Not a Good Thing! Call SERVPRO to Come Out Quickly to Your Chicago Property

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water in the Cellar? Not a Good Thing! Call SERVPRO to Come Out Quickly to Your Chicago Property To Remove Lake Michigan from your Chicago Basement--Call SERVPRO--DON'T WAIT!

Is Your Chicago Basement Full of Water?

We usually think of basements as being protected from the elements. As homeowners, we worry about roof leaks, frozen pipes, and even tornadoes, but we do not consider that our basement may one day be ankle-deep in water due to a broken washing machine or faulty toilet. As you consider how to tackle this water cleanup project, you consider running to your local home improvement store for supplies, but this may not be the best route.
Water cleanup in Chicago is best addressed by a professional team such as SERVPRO. Our technicians hold an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to address situations just like yours. Combined with our field experience, we can be your best resource for achieving full restoration of your basement and avoiding future consequences. Since emergencies happen when you least expect them, our team is available 24/7 by merely calling our hotline. As soon as we arrive at your home, we assess the situation and draw up a plan that minimizes the impact on your life and to your wallet.
At SERVPRO, we use tools and equipment that are not typically available to the average homeowner. For example, we bring handheld water extraction wands for those hard to access nooks and crannies in your basement. For more significant needs, we may use our truck-mounted pumps to extract substantial amounts of water. As we carry on this process, our infrared moisture meters let us know whether we are reaching optimal humidity levels based on your home and its contents. For the most part, we can salvage much of your basement, including any wet carpets and furniture and we use specific equipment to dry these off. If there is a compelling reason to remove them from home, we take charge of this as well.

SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown is your best ally in restoring your basement. Call us at (773) 434-9100 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

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If Your Chicago Home Experiences A Water Loss Event, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If Your Chicago Home Experiences A Water Loss Event, Our Crew Is Here To Help! You can count on our SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown team to arrive quickly with the equipment and experience to help.

Debris Removal For Water Loss Incidents In Chicago Homes

Once you have got the flow of water stopped through burst pipes in your Chicago home, you get your first look at the widespread damages and effects from the incident. It can surprise many homeowners how far water loss effects can move from the source to affect materials and areas of their house far from this plumbing break. Contending with moisture and dampness can prove problematic without understanding where these problems persist, and on top of this need for proper drying in your residence, you also have to begin debris removal and controlled demolition to prepare the property for reconstruction efforts to come.

There are many steps involved in water cleanup for your Chicago residence, but this process typically begins with a full assessment of the damage to your property using our sophisticated moisture detection tools and leak detection devices to determine the location of the ruptured plumbing within the walls. Our thermal imagery can often prove vital to determine which areas of your house have become severely affected by pooling water and saturation, which can help to direct drying efforts and to educate our SERVPRO professionals on irreparably damaged areas of your house’s construction.

Controlled demolition is a vital component to preparing your property for the work that is necessary to return it to preloss condition. In many cases with substantial loss incidents, flood cuts, and removals of entire drywall panels must occur to prevent secondary effects like mold and microbial growth from taking root on hosting materials like sheetrock. Instead, our thermal imagery and infrared cameras can identify moisture content and saturation and determine which portions of the wall must get removed and later replaced to make this water loss incident “Like it never even happened.”

Responding quickly to a water loss emergency is vital to protecting your property as much as possible from the spread of devastating effects. You can count on our SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown team to arrive quickly with the equipment and experience to help. Give our technicians a call anytime at (773) 434-9100.

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Call Our Crew Of Technicians If Your Chicago Home Experiences A Fire

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call Our Crew Of Technicians If Your Chicago Home Experiences A Fire Contact us 24/7 at (773) 434-9100 for quick remediation.

Using Debris Removal Services After Fire Damage In Your Chicago Residence

One of the leading causes of direct property damage is electrical lighting and distribution equipment. Many home fires occur because of faulty electrical or lighting systems. To prevent these fires, it is vital to ensure that a qualified electrician does all the electrical work in your home.
In the unfortunate event of fire damage to your Chicago residence, you need to hire experts who can help you restore your home to its pre-fire damage condition. Apart from charring the floors, ceilings, and walls, a fire can ruin other items. Smoke from the fire can damage your pictures, clothing, and furniture. This is where a restoration company like SERVPRO comes in handy. We have the equipment, manpower, and experience to offer you high-quality fire damage cleanup and debris removal services.
Depending on the seriousness of a fire, removing debris is the initial step in remediating a fire loss. Our technicians can conduct debris removal to prepare for the rest of the remediation project. A fire can leave a lot of debris behind that can pose some health risks to the residents of a home. Sharp objects like broken utensils and nails can cause injuries. Our technicians can remove such items to make it easier for the restoration process to begin.
The exteriors of your home may also have things that need to be disposed of like damaged shingles, torn gutters, and ash. We have portable storage containers that are useful for debris removal. We also abide by waste disposal laws to dispose of the debris safely. Once we remove the debris, we can take the other steps to restore your home to its normal condition, including deodorizing the scents.
Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover the expense of debris removal but may not offer reimbursement until after the work is complete. Our SERVPRO technicians can work with your insurance company and provide the adjuster with pertinent information about billing. We also monitor a fire damage restoration job daily and remain accessible to our customers.
When there is fire damage in your home, SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown is the right remediation company to call. We have the expertise to make the damage look “Like it never even happened.” Contact us 24/7 at (773) 434-9100 for quick remediation.

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Water Extractors Mitigate Damage in Chicago Properties -- And SERVPRO Has Them!

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Extractors Mitigate Damage in Chicago Properties -- And SERVPRO Has Them! Tall Chicago Buildings to a Studio Apartment SERVPRO Has the Equipment for Water Loss Mitigation

Water Extraction Technicians in Chicago Talk about Different Equipment

Whenever moisture enters a structure in Chicago, various types of damage can occur. The first step to preventing moisture-related issues is to conduct water extraction methods promptly. Once water sprays out of your pipes or another source, it quickly starts to soak into your contents and building materials as well as evaporate into the air inside the structure. Our professional technicians at SERVPRO know that it is much easier to remove moisture while it is in its liquid form. Therefore, we always conduct water extraction promptly after we receive your emergency damage phone call.
When it comes to removing liquid H2O from your contents and building materials, our SERVPRO team has many different tools of the trade we can utilize for various scenarios. Most water removal devices in Chicago that we use consist of an extractor and tools that attach to it. Extractors come in different sizes and consist of a vacuum motor and water tanks. Some units are portable and can be pushed into areas of your house that are difficult to access. Other systems are permanently mounted to trucks or vans and provide significantly more suction and lift power than portable machines.
After we figure out which extractor is best to use for your specific situation, we then decide the best extraction tool to attach to it. These tools range in size, and there are specific items designed for removing moisture from certain materials. For example, when removing water from small areas like closets or furniture pieces like recliners, handheld extraction tools may work best.
If a large portion of the carpet inside your home gets wet, then more heavy duty tools can be implemented. We can use large extraction systems that use the weight of the operator to compress the carpet, allowing more water to get vacuumed up. One such device is called a Rover, similar to a riding lawn mower.

If you ever suffer from a plumbing failure that results in wet carpet, call SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown at (773) 434-9100 24 hours a day.

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Our Fire Damage Experts Can Restore Your Real Estate Office In Chicago To Pre-Damage Condition

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Fire Damage Experts Can Restore Your Real Estate Office In Chicago To Pre-Damage Condition With our green service vans, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and available 24/7 by calling (773) 434-9100.

SERVPRO Gets Rid Of Commercial Fire Damage And Returns Curb Appeal To Real Estate Office In Chicago

It was just a little fire damage in the bathroom of a real estate office when an employee threw a still-lit cigarette into the trash. There was a strict no-smoking policy, and the employee thought the cigarette was completely out when it was thrown away. Laying on paper towels and other items in the trash, it quickly ignited. This, in turn, caused the fire suppression system to activate and the office was misted with a fine layer of water.

When SERVPRO mitigates commercial fire damage in a Chicago business such as a real estate firm, we know that the term "curb appeal" needs to apply to the office we are restoring. First impressions count in the matter of whether or not potential buyers or sellers have confidence and trust in their company and lingering odors or visible damage from smoke can make the difference.

Our emergency response teams arrive quickly, and we bring everything we need so once the work starts, it does not stop. Immediately the place where the fire occurred would be contained, and damp items affected by the mist would be removed for drying off-premises. Walls and floors are inspected to determine if they are retaining moisture for special attention during the drying phase.

Our experts try to cause as little disruption to the office as possible during restoration. Instead of moving out large conference tables, desks, and chairs, we put them up on blocks to dry while the air movers and dehumidifiers pull the residual moisture from the property. After drying, we wipe down all surfaces with our EPA-registered professional cleaning formulas that remove soot, smoke residue and odors while leaving a fresh scent. This ensures when clients come to the office, they will not even be aware a fire has happened.

SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown knows that the faster mitigation starts on your property the more secondary commercial fire damage issues you can avoid. With our green service vans, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and available 24/7 by calling (773) 434-9100.

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When A Pipe Bursts In Your Chicago Home, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage When A Pipe Bursts In Your Chicago Home, Our Crew Is Here To Help! Contact us at (773) 434-9100 and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Why You Need Prompt Water Removal In Your Chicago Residence After A Pipe Bursts

Water expands when it freezes, and this is the reason why soda cans explode if placed in a freezer to chill fast and are forgotten. When water expands after freezing, pressure accumulates in the pipe, and it raptures, causing water to escape. A pipes can also rapture due to age or accidents and cause water to pool in your home, necessitating water removal.

Removing the water quickly can prevent additional damage. You should call a restoration firm like SERVPRO to assist you with water removal in your Chicago residence. Failing to remove water from your home can contribute to mold and mildew growth. Mold can cause health effects. Our skilled technicians have extensive training and expertise in water damage restoration and can monitor and document the entire drying process.

We use extraction equipment like wet/dry vacuums and pumps to extract standing water from a property efficiently. Our technicians can use portable extractors to remove water from restricted areas. We also use dehumidifiers to dry the affected areas. Dehumidifiers remove extra moisture from the air to dry out a home. We position dehumidifiers in a water-damaged structure strategically so humid, moist air can move to the unit while warm, dry air discharged from the machine circulates back into the damp areas.

SERVPRO technicians also use desiccants with gel to eliminate moisture from the air. Unlike dehumidifiers, desiccants do not collect water through condensation, but instead, use a ventilation system to vent moisture-laden air from inside a structure to the outside. Desiccants work on the principle of absorption. Silica gel absorbs and holds water vapor in the process. Energy then reactivates the silica gel, causing the desiccant to release moisture to the outside air. When a home is dry, we use deodorization and sanitizing agents to clear odors to enhance safety and comfort in a home. We can eliminate the water and moisture after a water leak to make your home appear “Like it never even happened.”

When in need of water removal services, SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown is the right company to call. We have adequate resources for restoration jobs of any size. We serve several local communities, including Chicago, West Loop, and South Lawndale. Contact us at (773) 434-9100 and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Our Experts Explain How To Prevent Structural Burns To Your Chicago Property

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Experts Explain How To Prevent Structural Burns To Your Chicago Property Any time something burns inside your Chicago apartment, items inside can get ruined.

Fire Damage Crews From Chicago Give Advice On How To Prevent Structural Burns

Any time something burns inside your Chicago apartment, items inside can get ruined. Even the smallest blaze can cause you to have to call in a professional fire damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. Even minor burns can create smoke that can travel throughout the structure and cause problems far away from the fire's source. Partially combusted particles can stick to surfaces throughout your apartment unit and cause unpleasant aromas to exist inside the building. The longer fire damage goes without being properly treated, the worse the foul odors can get.

Having something burn inside your home is not very common, but it does happen more often than it should. The best way to prevent fire damage in your Chicago dwelling from occurring in the first place is to take steps to keep the blaze from taking place. There are several things that can be done that help burns from starting and help keep them from being very devastating.

One main practice that can help prevent destructive fires is to have smoke detectors and make sure they are operating at all times. These tools are a requirement to have for most insurance policies because they can warn people of a burn before it gets out of hand.

Heat sources are a common source of structural blazes, and they should be checked regularly. Always make sure your furnace's filters are clean and if you are using a space heater do not place it close to any flammable items.

A common source for structural burns is your kitchen. Making sure all of your kitchen's appliances are clean can help keep grease from setting ablaze. When you are cooking inside your kitchen, never leave items you are preparing unattended. Unattended cooking accidents account for a major part of all structural fires.

Another part of being prepared for these types of accidents is always to have a fire extinguisher handy and ready to use. However, if something does ever burn inside your home, call SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown at (773) 434-9100 24/7.

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